Experience Shower Sex

Shower Sex
Does your sex life need something exciting, refreshing, and adventurous? Then maybe it's time you thought about having sex in the shower! Next time you are about to make love with your partner, have your shower plans ready so they will be willing and find the experience enjoyable.

Preparation Tips
1. Make sure the bathroom is clean. No mildew or soap scum. This includes the toilet seat and sink counters as you might maneuver to use them for different positions.

2. Consider surprising your partner with a spa set that you want to try on each other. A new sponge with a hot salt scrub, foaming body wash, and body butter cream will have your hands going all over each other's body.

3. Have lots of fluffy towels ready in case you need to place them on the floor for love making in the steamy bathroom.

4. Install a dual shower head. One for you and one for her will keep both of you warm and wet.

Sex in the Shower Tips
1. You can use a condom in the shower. Putting on the condom before going in the shower will be easier. You can put water-based lube on a condom. Don't use oil based lubes which can break condoms, cremes, or lotions. Have lots of the water-based lube on hand since it can wash off.

2. Don't penetrate your partner with soap on your penis. She won't like it.